Since it's Christina Aguilera's time these months and since i'm a huge fan of hers, i thought about making the theme of our first competition "Xtina". So i'll ask you a question and you'll answer it by sending us an e-mail to with correct answer and your name.

As you can see, the picture represents Christina's new album "BIONIC" and on the picture - Click on the picture to enlarge it- , Christina managed to hide some messages -names- . So all you have to do is find them all or the most of them and send it to us. The one that find the most will be the winner and get her album "Keeps Gettin' Better : A Decade Of Hits".

As for the second and the third place, they will have 20points for the second and 30points for the third one that will help them in a new feature that we will have on the blog . So keep your eyes on the blog for more news and make sure all of Xtina's fans that you know can participate in this competition.

The deadlines for participating is JUNE 11th.