Bionic Music: First of all,  how's Aria Crescendo ?
Aria : wow....aria crescendo is a passionate artiste that love to sheare her work with the people that apriciate her:) i start to be on stage at 15 years old and sing in a pianno bar , then wos a model for few years in paris and at 18 start to work in a french cabaret called "crazy horse" and got my diploma to become a yoga teacher on the same time and wrote a book called "le yoga de ma vie" also had a tv show for 2 years abowt yoga and helth....and was in a play before i mouved to LA called "casting" at theatre caumartin in paris:)

   -Can you talk to us about the Paradiso Girls, ?
-paradiso girls was an ideea of jimmy iovine the owner of interscope records...i wos signe at interscope as a solo artist and then they bild thys grup arawnd me....we went to london and auditin 500 girls...then cam back to LA and audition 200 wos a long procces to finde the best artists in the holl world:) is hard to finde you know:) hahahahahaha

-"Crazy Horse" is your debut album,what can we excpect of it ?
-"crazy horse" gonna be an amasing album:) we record 50 songs last year and we gonna chuse the 12 best for thys album:) i am really exayted for you guys to hear it:) amasing produsers work wit us like WILL I AM one of my favorite:) and is coming out bigining of this year some time:) we don't have a precise date yet:)

-I Heard you song "Get U home " feat shwayze and must say that i love it. Are you thinking about doing a solo album sometime and what would it be like ?
-i am so happy you like "get you home" i right my own songs and of corse one day i m gonna want to shear that with you guys:) but for now, i am concentrating on making PARADISO GIRLS big before mouving on with my other projects:) a lot of exciting stuf in the next years:) is all i have to say:)

-Would you go on a tour with the girls after releasing your album "Crazy horse" ? and would it be just an american tour or a world tour and it will containe Morocco( ok sounds a little selfish but i love you girls)

-of course after we release the album we gonna go in a tour:) and for sure it is gonna be around the glob:) promis we will come to morocco too:)
-So who's your inspiration in the music industry ?
-MADONNA.....she is a verry strong women and i like that:) feel verry much the same :)

-what do you think about the pussycat dolls and all the things happening around them now ?
-well i think they all want to do their own thing right now....and i don t now much about what is really happening:) but every artist is free to choose the direction they want to take:)
- What would be your final word to the fans ?
-THANKS TO ALL MY AMASING FANS:) love you guys and thanks for all your support:) kisssssssssssss
and of course FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS:)
Thanks to Aria for taking much of her time to answer those question.

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