Video : Jay-Z and Eminem On Letterman

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Beyonce's hobby Jay-Z and Mariah Carey's ennemy Eminem took the stage both on The David Letterman Show to perform 3 songs -1 for each one and a duet-. The first performance is by Eminem who performed his lead single "I'm Not Afraid", the second one is "Next One" by Jay-Z and finally a duet by them both. Check the performances below .


Behind The Scenes : Alexandra Burke - Start Without You

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Days ago, we had the treat to see a picture from the set of her latest single "Start Without You". Now, we have a video from behind the scenes of the music video. It looks like the music video will be fun and great. Check it out.

Video : Debi Nova on So You Think You Can Dance

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Singer Debi Nova took the stage on "So You Think You Can Dance" to perform her latest single "Drummer Boy" with 6 of the contestants. To be honest, Dabi Nova gave a great performance, it was so energetic and fun love the dance and the feeling the song gaves to the audience.


Kylie Minogue on Jonathan Ross

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Yesterday, the beautiful Australian singer Kylie Minogue sat down with Jonathan Ross to talk about her fight with cancer, her new album "Aphrodite" and her upcoming tour. After the interview, Kylie performs her new hit single "All The Lovers" and her old one "Love At First Sight". Check out the videos below.




Video : The Saturdays premieres their single "Missing You"

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The british group The Saturdays premiered today the music video for their single "Missing You". The video is simple but it's good, it gives the song a special touch that it deserves all we need to do now is hopes that it will crack the Top 10 in The UK.

The single "Missing You" is supposed to be the lead single for The Saturdays' new upcoming EP "Headlines" that is supposed to drop on August 16th.

Check out the video below.

Picture : Christina Aguilera -You Lost Me

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Check out the official cover for Christina Aguilera's new single "You Lost Me" to be out next week on radios. I love the cover since it's too simple and gives the single the touch it deserves and a good vibe to be.


News : Lindsay Lohan to pose nude with Scram Bracelet ??

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it was confirmed that as a promotion for her upcoming handbags line, Actress turned Singer Lindsay Lohan will pose nude in a new photoshoot. The only problem there's is that we don't have a confirmation whether Lindsay Lohan will be wearing her SCRAM Bracelet or photoshop it.

"We're thinking of having police on hand so we can remove the ankle bracelet for the pictures," said Richard Luna of The California Bag

The photoshoot will took place in LA next month so we'll have to wait and discover the final decision.


News : Daniel Radcliffe : "I thougt Justin Bieber wa a girl"

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During an interview, British actor Daniel Radcliffe confessed that he's not into new PoP music and that he first heard Justin Bieber lately and thought that it was a girl singing. Check out the video in which he talks about JB, PoP music and GaGa. Thanks to PBB for the video.


Video : Christian TV - When She Turns 18 (2nd version)

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After releasing a music video for their single "When She Turns 18", Check out the second version for the Christian TV's "When She Turns 18". I really love the second version the video since it's more creative and fun. Also, i'm so into the song & Christian TV now that i watched the second version can't stop listening to it.

Here's a link to download the song :


News : Christina Aguilera to do a tribute for Michael Jackson

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it was officially confirmed by E! Online that christina Aguilera will pay a tribute to Michael Jackson during a special episode of The Early Show with Xtina alongside Marc Anthony  that will be dedicated to King Of PoP this friday for his 1 year since he shocking death and left this world. CHeck out the video below of the confirmation of the news.


Video : Basshunter - Saturday

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Here's the official music video of the swedish singer Basshunter for his latest single "Saturday" released on May 14th and produced by Thomas Troelsen and Cutfather. The song will be the lead single of Basshunter's upcoming album to be release later this year. The video is great, it shows technology almost like the one showen on the "Ayo Technology" video. As for the song, it a great song as all of his previous songs.


Listen : Fugative - Bad Girl

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earlier today while watching MTV Arabia, they played a song of an UK Rapper called Fugative that i've never heared of, and i liked his song so i decided to look for him on the net.

Fugative is a british rapper preparing his new album to drop this summer. He will release a new song called "Bad Girl" on July 25th but the video is already out. I like this song it changes from the usual rappers... Check out the video for "Bad Girl" and also his previous single "Crush" which helped me discover him.




Listen : Lil' Kim - Everywhere We Go feat Nicki Minaj

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With the beefs between Lil' Kim & New rapper Nicki Minaj, Here's a new leaking song that features the both of them. The song is called "Everywhere We Go" produced by D. Dot and i guess it was recorded when they were still cool to each other adn it seems like the song isn't finished and mastered yet.


Preview : The Saturdays - Missing You

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Check out the video teaser of The Saturdays' new music video for new single "Missing you" to be premiered next Saturday. As for the single, it will be released on August the 8th. The video look natural and fabulous. I hope that this single will help The Saturdays gaine the fame again.


Video : Miley Cyrus on Good Morning America

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Teenage PoP star Miley Cyrus took the stage on Good Morning America to perform some of her old songs like "The Climb" , "Party In The USA" she also performed "Every Rose has it's Thorn" that feature Bret Michaels to be on her new album "Can't be Tamed" plus the hit single "Can't Be Tamed". Check out her performances and her interview on GMA. She did great with this performance, i like how she did "The Climb" and love her new song "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" . I guess miley is going huge with this album and have a better voice than she used to have.

"The Climb" & "PArty In The USA" After The Jump.

Video : Usher on So You Think You Can Dance

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for his "Raymond VS Raymond" promotion, Usher took the stage on So You Think You Can Dance to perform his N°1 new hit single "OMG". Usher gave his fan a great performance the best one ever of the song. I loved how he manage the stage with his dancing and some of his MIchael Jackson moves.


Video : Kelis on Jay Leno

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Yesterday, "Milkshake" singer Kelis passed by the Jay Leno Show to promote her album "Fleshtone" that will drop in the US in July 6th by performing her new single "4th of July". The performance was stunning, she was great and her voice if just incredible. I guess it's Kelis' best performance of her new album yet.


Picture : Adam Lambert starts a new hair do

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During his stop in Indiana for his Glam Tour, Adam Lambert debuts a new hairstyle for his fans -The picture below- that consist on shaving his right side of the head. With the hat we can see how does it exactly look but i'm sure that it will look great on him.


Video : Christina Aguilera sings the National Anthem in Game 7

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the "Bionic" singer Christina Aguilera have been called another time to do an encore performance of the National Anthem during the game 7 of the NBA 2010. Christina Aguilera did a great job with the Anthem much better then the performance before the game 6.


Official : The winners of the Xtina Competition

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 Hi everybody, After a lot of participation i decided to close the entries and announce the winner of the competition. As you already know, the winner will get Christina Aguilera's greatest hits as for the second and third places, they will get 20 points each that will serve them in an upcoming feature in the blog. Let's stop talking and announce the winners now :

The first place is for : Astrazero

2nd place is for : Haly Mathis                            3rd place is for : Jay Zeraus

So congratulations to Astrazero for winning the "Greatest hits : Keeps Getting Better", And for Haly Mathis, Jay Zeraus for winning 20 points each that will serve them later.

Video : Kelis Live In London

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Days ago, Singer Kelis took the stage of a club in London to perform some of her new stunning songs like "Acapella", "4th Of July", "22nd Century" and finally "Brave". Check out the video of the stunning performance with her unique voice. I'm so into "22nd Century" and "Brave".


Video : Kelly Rowland "Everywhere You Go" Feat Africa United

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The beautiful "Commander" singer Kelly Rowland released yesterday the music video for the song "Everywhere You Go" the song about Africa that features Africa United that contain a lot of african rappers and Rola Saad an arabic singer.

The video is so simple but it looks pretty with the song... Check out the video below.


Video : Shakira & Calle 13 at Rock In Rio

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long time ago on My 23, Shakira performed a mini concert in lisboa for Rock In Rio festival and during her show, she invited Calle 13 on stage to perform his new single "Gordita Caliente" which shakira is featured in.

The song is great and gives a new style to shakira. For those who understand spanish, will know that the lyrics of "Gordita Caliente" is very sexual. Check out the performance below.


Video : Christina Aguilera sings her heart out at the NBA finals

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yesterday during the NBA finals held in LA, Pop/Futuristic singer Christina Aguilera performed the National Anthem to the crowd in there. I must say that she -Christina Aguilera- did an incredibly amazing performance of the Anthem blowing everybody's mind with her epic voice that none of the new generation of singer have. Check out the performance below


Video : Mexico catches the Waka Waka fever

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With her 1 goal competition, Shakira's fans are get fierce in the videos and now it's Mexico's turn to do a flash mob to her latest song "Waka Waka" the official theme song of the FIFA Wolrd Cup 2010.

Check out the Mexican Fans moving their hips and dancing for 1 Goal on the video below :


Video : Kelly Rowland on Graham Norton

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Yesterday, R'nB singer Kelly Rowland to stage on the english show "Graham Norton" to do the first perfomance of her new single "Commander" on Television as part of her Europion promotion for her upcoming album.

The performance was great, Kelly looked great, stunnig and manage to do a great job on this performance, her voice was great as well. On other news, "Commander" is N°24 on the UK itunes chart which means that Kelly is certainly commanding the UK with her new song.  Check out the performance below.


News : Perez Hilton to go to JAIL ?

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According to his Lawyers, Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton or Piggy Hilton is said to be in danger of going to jail for photoshoping a V***NA on Miley Cyrus picutre.

Last night was full of BIG BREAKING NEWS: Perez Hilton tweeted a Miley Cyrus upskirt picture, and it showed a vagina. The image has since been scrubbed from the internet because Miley is seventeen, which means the image is child pornography. Salon interviewed a child porn defense attorney who said tweeting Miley's cooch was "suicidal for [Perez]," and "we're not talking about a misdemeanor." Perez's intent doesn't matter, nor does the veracity of the image. Photoshopping vaginas onto children is illegal, too
The picture was taking during Miley Cyrus' latest photoshoot wearing the same dress on the picture UP which means she was wearing panties. Thank god, the right time is finally here to stop Piggy Hilton from doing his thing and get rid of him.


News : Prince To win a the Lifetime Achievement Award

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it's is official announced that PoP king Prince will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award during the BET Music Awards 2010. Check out the official message below :

The 51 year old superstar joins the likes of Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, James Brown, and Al Green in being honored by the BET Awards,which will celebrate its 10th year in Los Angeles on June 27.

BET says the Prince tribute will stand out. Stephen G. Hill, president of programming, music and specials for the network, said BET will celebrate the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s “unique style."

Prince is dynamic. Prince is genius. Prince is music,” Hill said of the performer, who has 10 platinum albums and 30 Top 40 singles to his name.

Video : Eminem & Rihanna perform "Love The Way You Lie"

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During The Star Studded Activation E3 2010 Preview Event, Many celebrities were present to perform such as Usher, N.E.R.D, Soundgarden and among these, there was Eminem who perform alongside Model/Singer Rihanna their new song "Love The Way You Lie" taken for his upcoming album "Recovery" wish has been pushed by one day and will be out on June 21st. All we have now is a bad quality video that lasts 1:25 but as soon as i find a good quality video i'll update the post.
Check out the video Below.


Video : Mathiew Morrison & Lea Michele @ The Tony Awards

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During the Tony Awards 2010, Glee Cast Mathiew Morrison "Mr. Schuster" and Lea Michele "Rachel" performed a broadway song to the attendees of the show.

Mathiew Morrison did a great job with his song and entertaining the crowd, as for Lea Michele she did a quite good job but as good as mathiew since she started badly on the begining and didn't manage to hit some notes but overall she did a good job with it. Check out the performance below :


Rumor : Geri Halliwell to work with Will.I.Am

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Early 2010, Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell revealed that she'll be working on new album but since then no news were out since it is said that she's been locking herself in her Writing Studio to record her album.

Now, a new rumor is out and says that Geri Halliwell will be working with the Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am.

"They Haven't met yet, but the two have been having secret phone calls to talk business and no one knows their plans." The source said

It is also said that Geri Halliwell might be working with Fergie who already said that she'll be working with two british singer probably Cheryl Cole who already signed up to Will.I.Am 's label and Geri Halliwell. the pair -Will.I.Am & Fergie- are willing to take british music all ove the States.


News : Lady GaGa to cover a Depeche Mode

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Picutred by Slam
Lady GaGa revealed that she'll be covering Dapeche Mode hit song "People Are People" saying that she's a good fan of the band and hope that fans will love her cover of the song that she'll give a new melody to it, saying it like that :

"I'm a huge fan of the band Depeche Mode and hope that my fans will enjoy my cover of the song. I can give a new melody that it didn't have. I spend a lot of time on Youtube checking out what people thinks about me and i was really surprised that a lot of Depeche Mode's fans were my fans too."

Check out the original song that Lady GaGa is covering below, I guess it will suites her good since it's like the same genre of music.


Listen : WooHoo ft Nicki Minaj - Christina Aguilera (David Guetta Vs Graig Vanity)

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French DJ David Guetta teamed up with DJ Craig Vanity to mix the not yet confirmed Second single "WooHoo" by Christina Aguilera that feature Rapper-To-Pay Nicki Minaj.The mix gives the song another tone that is good but not one of David Guetta's best mixes.

In other news, some sources says that Christina Aguilera's new single is "WooHoo" feat Nicki Minaj since the eye-wear designer Stevie Boi tweet that he is designing some corsets for the music video of "WooHoo".

As for the others, they say that her next single is "You Lost Me" which is her porwerfull ballad of the album since she had been performing it in almost every show she did. And finally, the Album "Bi~on~ic" is set to be N°1 in the UK this week.

Listen to the "WooHoo" mix below :


Preview : M.I.A - /\/\/\Y/\

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Check out the Snippets of M.I.A songs that will be featured on her upcoming album "/\/\/\Y/\" to drop soon. Eventhough i'm not a good M.I.A fan, i really like these snippets i'm listening too especially the first ones.

M.I.A. "/\/\/\Y/\" Snippets from RS on Vimeo.


Picture/Music : Kelly Rowland At the Axe Lounge

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Yesterday in New York, The "Commander" singer partied at The Axe Lounge to celebrate the international release of her single.

While Kelly Rowland is preparing her upcoming album due to drop on September 14th, it was confirmed on her official Myspace that she will be releasing two stateside single: The urban "Grown Woman" & Mainstrean "Rose Coloured Glasses". Check out the song "Rose Coloured Glasses" below :

Your Toughts Please !

Video : Katy Perry On "Le Grand Journal"

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As a part of her Promotional tour in Europe, future Ms. Russell took the stage on "Le grand jounal" the french show to perform her first single "California Gurls" featuring Snoop Dog.

The performance was good but not one of Katy Perry's best since the best one was the MTV Movies Awards performance with Snoop Dog.

Also, it is confirmed that Katy Perry will be hosting the Teen Choice Awards to air on August and it's rumoured that Christina Aguilera and Pop queen Britney Spears to perform on the show too but nothing is sure.

Your Toughts Please !