Listen : WooHoo ft Nicki Minaj - Christina Aguilera (David Guetta Vs Graig Vanity)

Sunday, June 13 3:16 PM Posted by bionic-music
French DJ David Guetta teamed up with DJ Craig Vanity to mix the not yet confirmed Second single "WooHoo" by Christina Aguilera that feature Rapper-To-Pay Nicki Minaj.The mix gives the song another tone that is good but not one of David Guetta's best mixes.

In other news, some sources says that Christina Aguilera's new single is "WooHoo" feat Nicki Minaj since the eye-wear designer Stevie Boi tweet that he is designing some corsets for the music video of "WooHoo".

As for the others, they say that her next single is "You Lost Me" which is her porwerfull ballad of the album since she had been performing it in almost every show she did. And finally, the Album "Bi~on~ic" is set to be N°1 in the UK this week.

Listen to the "WooHoo" mix below :


2 Response to "Listen : WooHoo ft Nicki Minaj - Christina Aguilera (David Guetta Vs Graig Vanity)"

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