Official : The winners of the Xtina Competition

Thursday, June 17 7:04 PM Posted by bionic-music
 Hi everybody, After a lot of participation i decided to close the entries and announce the winner of the competition. As you already know, the winner will get Christina Aguilera's greatest hits as for the second and third places, they will get 20 points each that will serve them in an upcoming feature in the blog. Let's stop talking and announce the winners now :

The first place is for : Astrazero

2nd place is for : Haly Mathis                            3rd place is for : Jay Zeraus

So congratulations to Astrazero for winning the "Greatest hits : Keeps Getting Better", And for Haly Mathis, Jay Zeraus for winning 20 points each that will serve them later.

2 Response to "Official : The winners of the Xtina Competition"

  1. DustinZero (astrazero) Says:

    YAY ME!! ive never won anything before!! im soo excited!!

  2. HaleyMathis Says:

    2nd place! Wootwoot :)