News : Perez Hilton to go to JAIL ?

Wednesday, June 16 12:14 AM Posted by bionic-music
According to his Lawyers, Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton or Piggy Hilton is said to be in danger of going to jail for photoshoping a V***NA on Miley Cyrus picutre.

Last night was full of BIG BREAKING NEWS: Perez Hilton tweeted a Miley Cyrus upskirt picture, and it showed a vagina. The image has since been scrubbed from the internet because Miley is seventeen, which means the image is child pornography. Salon interviewed a child porn defense attorney who said tweeting Miley's cooch was "suicidal for [Perez]," and "we're not talking about a misdemeanor." Perez's intent doesn't matter, nor does the veracity of the image. Photoshopping vaginas onto children is illegal, too
The picture was taking during Miley Cyrus' latest photoshoot wearing the same dress on the picture UP which means she was wearing panties. Thank god, the right time is finally here to stop Piggy Hilton from doing his thing and get rid of him.


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