News : Lady GaGa to cover a Depeche Mode

Sunday, June 13 3:45 PM Posted by bionic-music
Picutred by Slam
Lady GaGa revealed that she'll be covering Dapeche Mode hit song "People Are People" saying that she's a good fan of the band and hope that fans will love her cover of the song that she'll give a new melody to it, saying it like that :

"I'm a huge fan of the band Depeche Mode and hope that my fans will enjoy my cover of the song. I can give a new melody that it didn't have. I spend a lot of time on Youtube checking out what people thinks about me and i was really surprised that a lot of Depeche Mode's fans were my fans too."

Check out the original song that Lady GaGa is covering below, I guess it will suites her good since it's like the same genre of music.


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