Listen : Leona Lewis - 7 Leaks

Tuesday, July 6 1:08 PM Posted by bionic-music
Yesterday evening, someone leaked snippets of 7 songs "A Thousand Lights", "Haunted", "Pieces Of Your Heart", "Playground", "Down", "Burning Down" & "Mr Magic Touch" by Leona Lewis. The songs are from her "Echo" recording session. They are great songs, too bad they didn't make the cut to the album. I'll post the full songs as soon as they are disponible. Check out the snippets below.


2 Response to "Listen : Leona Lewis - 7 Leaks"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    honestly again this is boring!

    the lyrics are used to fill the song rather then really truly describe a story..its a formula shes failed to use again and again...and what keeps her below the greats like mariah

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I LOVE 'Pieces of Your Heart' and 'Playground'.. and remember! they're demo's so lyrics would have been tweaked before mastering!

    Excited about her 3rd album now :D